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As IT becomes the foundation of successful digital transformation initiatives, organizations are quickly driving efforts towards implementing modern tools and systems – most of which is done in haste, without sufficient planning. Given how complex technology has become and how far-reaching the impact of the wrong approach or incorrect implementation can be, taking the first right step can make all the difference.

Synoptek provides a range of Consulting, IT Leadership, and Management Services that empower organizations to set the right foot forward. We can help in assessing your existing IT environment, identifying gaps, and suggesting an IT strategy that perfectly fits into your overall business strategy.

We can recommend IT best practices as well as guide you on how best you can leverage existing and upcoming opportunities in the field of technology. By curating a robust IT roadmap, we can help you make the most of technology innovations to better meet the needs of your customers, capture larger market share, and/or grow revenue.

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Synoptek Provides the Following Consulting, IT Leadership and Management Services

IT Strategy and Planning

Synoptek looks at IT as a foundation on which growing business can be built. We develop and execute a clear and strategic IT roadmap with priorities linked to the business goals.

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IT Consulting Services

With technology moving at lightning speed, businesses are under great pressure to not only stay ahead, but to grow or get left behind. Leverage Synoptek’s leading IT consulting services and shift your organization from defense mode to one that leverages technology to transform, evolve and grow.

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M&A Due Diligence and Planning

As business owners who’ve dealt in M&A, just like you, we know the risks you face — specifically in the critical area of technology — which often accounts for half the total cost of an integration.

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Program & Project Management

Synoptek’s program and project management services provide our customers with an expert team. Our management teams pride themselves in their exemplary track record of successfully executing projects across industries and geographies.

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Business Processes and IT Services Cost Optimization Assessment

Synoptek offers a variety of consulting services focused on optimizing business and technology costs. From our extensive experience, we offer our clients a plan that will optimize their business processes and IT.

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IT Service Management Assessment

If you’re struggling to drive value from your ITSM processes, Synoptek can help identify challenges that are restricting you from achieving your ITSM goals.

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IT Leadership Services

Synoptek’s comprehensive Virtual CIO Consulting Services provide a senior executive that serves as a CIO and IT leader to your business. Whether you need us to advise, lead, or manage, we’re here.

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Data Protection and Availability

Synoptek helps your business prepare and execute robust Availability, and Data Protection Assessments, so you can identify gaps, build right processes, and manage risks.

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Cybersecurity Assessment Services

The modern IT landscape is highly prone to security breaches; ensuring core systems are protected 24x7 has become a business prerogative. Synoptek's Cybersecurity Assessment Services can help in identifying looming threats while offering best practices to safeguard IT infrastructure and strengthen security posture.

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Efficient Program and Project Management Helps Global Entertainment Company Successfully Execute Critical Business Transformation Projects

The media and entertainment studio partnered with Synoptek for ongoing support and upgrade of a global planning and distribution system as well as for program and project management that helped their businesses to restructure their teams and bring in best practices to execute projects within estimated cost and time limits.

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Business owners and clients alike know the advantages of new technology — we experience its benefits every day in both our personal and professional lives. Despite all the advantages innovation brings, many people are intimidated by what it takes to implement new software and systems because it seems like an endless cycle once the initial IT investment is made.

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