Strategic Workforce Planning

Do work anywhere and do it better with Synoptek’s strategic workforce productivity maturity model.

At its core, workforce productivity is all about ensuring your teams are fully enabled to outperform competitors. From the first moment of onboarding, through every second of their contribution, your employees should be outfitted with the universally accessible tools and resources needed to do their jobs properly.

Our Strategic Approach to Workforce Planning

We look at this strategic workforce productivity planning as a means to improve employee loyalty, engagement and retention. Synoptek helps reduce downtime, enable collaboration, share data openly and ensure your technology infrastructure is serving your team in the workplace, the same way they expect it to in every other area of their lives – seamless, integrated, powerful and dynamic.

Think about it: if your teams are wasting hours feeling frustrated because they are unable to get things done efficiently, it colors the way they feel about their workplace and employment with your organization. Frustrations and resentments build; they don’t feel like they can live up to their maximum potential; and ultimately, they leave.

Synoptek’s Strategic Workforce Productivity Maturity Model

We then take our workforce planning consulting to a whole new level with the evolution our own trifold maturity model:

Do Work

Our unique maturity model enables our master IT consultants to get the basics in place quickly, with plans in place to evolve in the future. First, they take a 30,000-foot view for how you can work most efficiently using baseline tools and resources. How can you do work by successfully providing the basic tools, resources and support for your employee endpoints.

Do Work Anywhere

As you evolve and mature these capabilities, we then optimize your systems so they can work anytime, anywhere—supporting distributed workforces, business travel, work from home, and other common ways the world works today—all with the safety and security your business demands. We look at this leveling up as do work anywhere.

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Do Work Together, Better

The final evolution of our maturity model is about doing work together, better by offering the tools, resources and workflows that enable collaboration amongst distributed workforces. We break down silos, improve communication and empower teamwork. And, as we do so, we improve outcomes for your business – allowing your team to operate as a highly efficient, massively productive, well-oiled machine.

Best yet, this work is highly metrics-driven and heavily monitored to ensure ideal outcomes – so you know it’s working, because you can see the ROI – whether through gains in revenue per employee, or another metric that matters to your business. These small percentage point improvements in productivity can equate to massive financial gains in profitability for your business.

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