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With an increasing number of enterprise systems, growing teams, rising proliferation of the web, and multiple digital initiatives, organizations of all sizes are creating loads of data every day. This data contains excellent insights and immense opportunities for the business. However, with more and more data being generated every day, it has become impossible for organizations to consistently derive actionable insights. However, with modern data science, organizations can turn data into knowledge and knowledge into well-informed, real-time decisions.

Synoptek Empowers Your Business with its Data Insights Services

We understand that when it comes to data, each organization has specific needs. Therefore, we tailor our insights services to help our clients meet their goals. Whether you are at the very start of your data insights journey or trying to transition to the next stage, we can help you translate your goals into an actionable roadmap.

We offer a complete range of data insights services for organizations across industries. In addition, we also have extensive experience in data management and data integration. With our complete suite of services, an experienced team, and a wide range of functional and technical expertise,  we can enable an organization to leverage enormous amounts of data and deliver solutions that allow decision-makers to take action.

For organizations looking to move forward on their data journey without creating overhead for their IT staff or making substantial infrastructural investments, we also offer ‘Analytics as a Service (AaaS),’ which is a subscription-based service.

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Synoptek Provides the Following Data Analytics and Insights Services

Business Intelligence and Analytics Consulting

Without timely and in-depth insights into the enterprise data, you are at risk of making uninformed decisions that lead to risky investments. With our consulting services, we can empower you to leverage data in many ways to attain their set goals faster.

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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Organizations leverage predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbot, and related services to optimize and automate business processes such as preventing fraud. Whatever your needs are, our experts will help you define a clear action plan to accelerate your analytics journey.

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Data Warehouse Services

With our Data Warehouse service, organizations can converge multiple disparate data sources into a single data warehouse, migrate their on-premises data warehouse to the cloud, or create and manage a hybrid data warehouse setup.

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Big Data Engineering

With our Big Data Engineering service, organizations can clean, process, and transform data into actionable formats, create data pipelines, and conceptualize and implement comprehensive big data programs across multiple domains and focus areas.

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Data Visualization and Analytics

Quick decisions are vital for faster actions. With our Data Visualization and Analytics services, we enable organizations to analyze and read enterprise data faster. Our experienced team understands the finer nuances of building interactive application and dashboard designs aligned to the organization's key performance metrics.

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Analytics as a Service

Organizations that are stuck resolving issues with analytics solutions, are not exploring the insights and ultimately are not working towards creating value for the business. Through our AaaS services, we provide subscription-based services to take ownership of immediate and ongoing supportability challenges. We also perform the day-to-day IT work needed to integrate new data sources to ensure dashboard visualizations, reporting, and predictive models are continuously enabling you to make decisions every day.

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Survey Data Analysis Solution Helps a Sales Management Consulting Firm Reduce Manual Effort by 47%

Synoptek’s survey data analysis system helped the client effectively solve the complex problem of pulling data out of transactional systems and converting them into actionable information. Since the users of the systems can now quickly access critical data from many sources, all in one place, they can discover deeper insights, make predictions, and generate recommendations.

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Enterprise Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence in the Age of Cloud

Cloud infrastructure brings resource elasticity, cost-effectiveness, high availability, and zero hassle of upgrading and maintaining loads of servers and databases, and that is why it contributes significantly to the success of a BI project.

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