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Most enterprises today are aware of the competitive advantages that cloud technology brings to their business. Cloud-based solutions enable businesses to grow quickly. However, one of the biggest roadblocks that organizations face on their cloud journey is not knowing where to start. Unplanned and templatized cloud strategies fail all the time – as the one-size-fits-all routes to the cloud don’t work. With the right, tailor-made cloud strategy, enterprises achieve the much-needed agility and elasticity to sustain – as well as scale – their business growth.

Synoptek Improves Business Agility with its Cloud Advancement Services

With our cloud consulting services, our team of experts are equipped to assist organizations at any stage of their cloud journey. Our cloud experts can help you handle everything: planning, computing, migration, implementation, and management. We help you select the right cloud for the right functionality. This includes designing both short-term and long-term cost-governance structures, which helps you choose the cloud or hybrid solution that is best for your business while supplying end-to-end migration management and support. With our cloud optimization checklist and assessment, we have helped our customers discover substantial growth opportunities.

Not only do we have the cloud expertise, but we also have an inherent understanding of how businesses scale and grow when they navigate the complex cloud landscape successfully.

Don’t get lost on your way to the cloud. Let Synoptek be your guide.

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Synoptek’s Cloud Consulting & Advancement Services

Cloud Strategy and Planning Services

Our comprehensive Cloud Consulting services include everything, from workload portfolio analysis to deployment roadmap and cost management.

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Cloud Assessment Services

With our Cloud Assessment services, we help organizations evaluate their current IT assets, real-time utilization, and TCO – and make sound planning and migration decision into the next generation of computing.

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Cloud Transformation and Migration Services

Our Cloud Migration services help organizations handle the entire cloud implementation lifecycle with ease. Leverage our expertise to reap the rewards of cloud infrastructure right away.

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Managed Cloud Gateway

Synoptek provides an efficient and cost-effective fully managed gateway and secure, direct transport to any major cloud service provider such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Salesforce.

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Cloud Management and Optimization Services

Our Managed Cloud services address short- and long-term functionality, security, and privacy concerns that might otherwise be a barrier to adopting a hyperscale cloud.

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Leverage Our Best-in-Class Cloud Advancement Solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Synoptek is an AWS Consulting Partner with an Advanced Tier certification and has the experience of strategizing, building, and deploying complex AWS environments for enterprises of all sizes.

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Microsoft Azure Services

Synoptek is an experienced Managed Azure Services Provider and Azure Gold Partner. We provide experienced Azure resources, 24×7 technical support, change management, and more.

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Google Cloud Partner (GCP)

Synoptek is a Google Cloud Partner. We help our clients manage everything related to Google cloud - assessment, migration, optimization and support services to optimize their workloads on the GCP.

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Featured case study

Cloud Advancement Services Help a Digital Optimization Company to Quickly Deploy Solutions and Meet Customer Needs with Ease

When this client was experiencing rapid growth, there was a quick need to quickly deploy scalable solutions and infrastructure. With Synoptek’s Cloud Consulting services, this client succeeded in completing the production partner migration to the cloud within a few weeks and achieved quick and agile delivery of services using the cloud.

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Featured Insight

Implementing a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Multi-cloud strategy enables businesses to use different cloud providers for different purposes, offering privacy and security protections, diverse application offerings, flexibility and reliability, vendor lock-in avoidance, and an overall optimized cloud implementation.

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